CEB Connect

An innovative approach in the event industry "CEB Connect"

Aware of the economic challenge of digital and the impact on its business, CEB placed this growth opportunity in the heart of its strategy. More than a communication tool, it is to consider all new business models that the company could create and make all adjustments necessary for a better understanding of its customers and their relationship with the company.

And ultimately rethink the "customer experience" to bring him value-added services, customer loyalty and generate additional revenue. The CEB digitizing overall program results in a transverse project and collaborative enterprise.Il associe au sein d’un groupe de travail baptisé « CEB Connect », des représentants des directions de l’entreprise : Infrastructures, TIC, Pôle Production d’Événements, BORDEAUX EVENTS… auxquels viendront s’ajouter d’autres compétences, en fonction des chantiers.

Eric Dulong, President of CEB, "The digitalization of the business is a strategic choice that falls from a deep conviction. With this project we are establishing an open innovation model, far from the classical R & D not suited to our business and to our structure. It will allow us to differentiate ourselves, to unite all employees and be precursor rather than spectator face to changes on our business and those of our clients. The aim is to give us a head start and help us to be in the top three French cities for business tourism Home ".