Key figures

With over 100 employees and hosting of 400 events per year on average over its 4 sites, the activity of CEB plays a leading role in the territory by supporting their development in the hotel, catering, transport and all providers contributing to the realization of events hosted or organized on its sites.

More than 65 companies have an activity directly related to the contracts with CEB and they employ almost 5,000 people.  Amounting 29 million euros in 2015, the turnover of CEB generates the equivalent with specialized providers in the sector (installers, hotels, restaurants, hostesses) a total induced activity estimated at 54 million. According to the ratios of UNIMEV, it is estimated that the economic impact of CEB amounted to almost € 150 million in Bordeaux.

And if we add the sales volume of exhibitors at fairs and exhibitions, the overall economic impact of the activity of CEB are estimated at about 650 million euros per year for the region