A Concerned Company

CEB corporate citizen, environmentally.

Aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, CEB has committed since 2008 in an environmental compliance process by multiplying the initiatives:

  • Waste management: establishment of an internal waste collection, waste sorting, recycling of carpets and transformation of raw materials.
  • Eco valuation - Transportation: internally with the use of clean and efficient vehicles (electric cars, bicycles ...) and externally with Incentives favoring the car - pooling and public transport for visitors.
  • Reduction of energy consumption (electricity and gas) and water, and optimizing their use on different sites.
  • communication tools and realization of eco stands - designed.
  • Participation in environmental cleanup actions "Operation Clean Lake".

After obtaining the ISO 9001 certification in January 2008, real guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction, CEB received in June 2012, the ISO 14001 certification concerning the environmental impact generated by the activity manager CEB sites and based on continuous improvement and pollution prevention. It contributes to the development of an exemplary business tourism.

Furthermore, CEB aims to be a  citizen company by contributing to participatory democracy approaches initiated both by Urban Community of Bordeaux by the City of Bordeaux (meetings maritime Bordeaux neighborhood councils) and its commitment to Corporate Club from Bordeaux.

CEB is also keen to promote integration through economic activity, so it relies on the A2I (after temp agency AER 33), to offer employment to people in difficulty through temporary contracts.