The research for continuous improvement

This fundamental Principle of ISO certification 9001, obtained in 2008 - is translated in the human resources management by six values carried(worn) by the teams of CEB: solidarity and respect, for the human values and the creativity, the efficiency, the reactivity and the anticipation for the professional values.

Every employee makes a commitment in favour of these values, thanks to an internal and external charter of good behavior. It stipulates that the most important value of the company is Men and in return, the company makes a commitment to put each in the best conditions of exercise of its activity. CEB encourages so by every possible means the emergence of new ideas emanating from employees. Every employee has to favor the teamwork and the sharing of experiences to assure a better efficiency of the company. Each has to respect his colleague and the work of this one, in the words as in the acts.

Customer satisfaction

The external charter of good behavior explains that the first duty of CEB is to satisfy customers. So, all the employees of CEB contribute(compete) to the customer satisfaction, even if they are not directly confronted to them. The respect for commitments made is fundamental.

The commitments must always be clear, complete and without ambiguity. The employees become attached to the respect for deadlines and for conditions of realization planned contractually.

All the information stemming from the listening of our customers is taken into account in the implementation of our activities. The professionalism, the courtesy and the politeness are the values of any direct relation with our customers and partners. These signs of respect are applicable for the clothes and the behavior. The charter of telephone reception is known and applied by all.